1. Organizations using Stettler Box Office to sell their event tickets agree that all tickets to the event will be sold through Stettler Box Office. ie: no paper tickets, Facebook tickets, or other ticket types will be available for purchase.

  2. You must have a  minimum of 40 tickets available for purchase or there will be a flat fee of $40 per event. 

  3. Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded unless event is cancelled. 

  4. Cancelled events will be charged 3% credit card processing fee to return funds to ticket holders, 99c/ticket and a cancellation fee of $25-$100  depending on the reason for cancellation. Cancellation fee will be decided by Rairdan Services, Inc. 

  5. Ticket funds will be made available to the organization one week after the close of the ticket sales minus credit card processing fee, Rairdan Services, Inc. fee and any marketing fees. There is no GST charge to ticket prices however GST will be charge to Rairdan Services, Inc per- ticket fee. (99c + GST and any marketing fees + GST) Organizations will receive a full breakdown of any charges with final ticket sale funds. 

  6. Organizations will receive a guest list and guest details. 

  7. Tickets can be purchased at Central Alberta Business Centre from 9-5pm Monday-Friday except stat holidays. In-person tickets sales will cost the same as online tickets sales. 

  8. Rairdan Services, Inc is not responsible for low ticket sales. 

  9. All issues regarding ticket sales will be decided, and resolved by,  by Rairdan Services, Inc.


Questions regarding these terms can be directed to wendy@rairdanservices. ca or 403-743-0347 during business hours. 


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